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Single deck snowskates are best for ripping through the city or even your own backyard.

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Bideck snowskates have all you need to shread mountains or carve turns on your neighborhood hill.

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Powdersurfers are specially designed for the backcountry and anywhere there is fresh powder.

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Single Decks.
Urban Riding.

Single deck snowskates are designed for urban environments and performing skateboard-like tricks. Single deck snowskates are generally made of wood and/or plastic with a laminated base in some cases. The shape of the snowskate is similar to a large skateboard deck, but the base of the deck has cut grooves to track properly in snow conditions.

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Mountain Riding.

Bideck snowskates are designed for mountain environments and can be used at select mountain resorts. Bideck's have a top deck and a lower ski connected by a truck structure. The top deck is similar in shape to a skateboard deck while the lower ski is similar in shape to a miniaturized snowboard. The trucks connect the top deck to the lower ski, and combined the snowskate is able to turn and carve much like a snowboard.

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Powder Riding.

Powdersurfers are designed for ungroomed mountain areas where a fresh layer of powder is present. Powdersurfers are a single deck board shaped much like a small surfboard. They are generally made of solid wood with a flat, waxable base. With enough powder this type of snowskate is able to carve and turn through the snow.

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